PUNK ROYALE 2052 : A New Battle Royale For Android/IOS

Punk Royale is a futuristic game based on Dubai city. Punk Royale 2052 is a product of CakeByte.
CakeByte is a brand new indie team of five based in United Arab Emirates and Punk Royale 2052 their most anticipated game.
This game will be free to play on the Play Store and pre-registration of this game have been ended on 23 Jan 2021.
We will see the beta version of this game in March or April and pre-registered players will get some rewards. Because this game based on Dubai City, we will see multistory buildings in the game.
One thing that is famous about Dubai is they create a number one or only one in the world. That’s why we expect that this game will get a huge success and surely compete with Pubg and Free Fire.
We can expect that the full version of this game will release at end of this year. This would be good news for Pubg players who still didn’t shift to Free Fire.
The graphics of this game is really good and players will see many detailing in the game. Character customization is also appreciatable. Players can customize according to their interests. Character system will be introduced in the game and emotes too like Free Fire and Pubg.

Game Features
Players skydive out of the private jet and on to futuristic Island ‘Ocean City ‘.
After landing on the ground players have to find weapons and cybernetic augmentations. Cybernetic augmentation can enhance character ability. The game don’t have med kit accept this they have batteries to charge character and there will be 100 players in match. The one who survives to the end, the one who wins the match.

Ocean City

Players can upgrade characters by using cybernetic augmentation that provides a specific advantage over enemies.
Like other battle royal games/shooter games, weapons are necessary to survive in the game. Players can enhance visual capabilities by using eye augmentation.

Players can run faster with leg augmentation.
Players can save batteries with Battery saver augmentation.
Players can break or hack locked doors with superior hand augmentation.
Players can eat the enemy’s bullets with ballistic protection augmentation.
All augmentation needs batteries to operate, so players have to store batteries to use augmentations.

Image courtesy: Punk Royale Official Website

Punk Royal featuring many powerful weapons, which includes both throwables and guns. Punk Royal featuring all type of guns like SMG, Sniper, LMG, Pistol, but now they include 5 guns in the game.

Image courtesy: Punk Royale official website

Players can express themselves by modifying characters. Players can change clothes, tattoos, facial accessories, hairstyles, augmentations and much more. There is season lass available too, which is called “Vice Pass”.

Image courtesy: Punk Royale Official Website

Peoples, who like high tech and futuristic things, they love this game. This game based on 2052 technology.
For this reason, we will get to see high technology in Ocean City, this is why everything in the game is high tech. Whether it is a character, buildings, train or weapons. The game is going to show us the future by gaming experience.

Image courtesy: Punk Royale Offial Website

The game has been given a very rich look. Hence, the gameplay is going to be quiet royal and unique. So that the players are going to have a good feel. A personal jet will also be provided to all players in Punk Royal 2052. This game also introduces FPP( First-person perspective) and TPP( Third person perspective) modes.
Till the date, we have only this information, but in March or April when the beta version releases us will know all information about the game.

If you want to play Punk Royals smoothly on your mobile, then your mobile has to reach minimum requirements. Or you want to play this game in high settings then your device should be reaching higher requirements.We are here sharing minimum and maximum requirements that you should know.