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Free Fire has many characters, some have passive skill and some have active skill . But both types of characters are useful and liked by the players. The favourite characters with active skill are Alok, Chrono, K and Skyler. Some famous passive skill characters are Kelly, Dasha, Jota, and Hayato.
In this post, we are going to talk about 6 underrated but useful characters of Garena free fire.

1. Luqueta
Luqueta is number one on our list because he has an amazing ability. Its ability can increase the max HP bar up to 235 in just 2 kills on max level. Then players can fill the HP bar up to 235 with the help of a medkit, EP, inhaler, or other characters ability. This character can be useful for every player of free fire because HP is important for every player. But Luqueta can be more useful for aggressive players who love to rush on enemies. This character can work best with Jota, K and Shani. Because shani restores armour durability after every kill, Jota restores HP after every kill if the player using SMG or shotgun and K restore EP and increase 500% of EP conversion rate.


Notora also the underrated but useful character of Garena free fire. Notora’s ability on max level is when player driving a vehicle, restore HP of all members on the vehicle by 5 HP every 2s. Good thing it’s a passive skill, players can use this ability with active skill character. Notora’s ability can be useful when players don’t have an inhaler and medkit or don’t have time to heal because of enemies or blue zone. Ability can be better used when you are stuck in the blue zone. In such situations, you can drive the vehicle and get out of the blue zone and at the same time heal yourself and your teammates. This ability can be a blessing for players.


3. Olivia
Players can use Olivia character rarely but it can be useful if you playing in a squad or clash squad. Olivia’s ability on max level is revived players will be revived with extra 40 hp. You can review your teammate at the same time your friend get some extra HP. When someone revives their teammate, they only get 10 HP. In that situation, enemy can easily kill that player. If you love to play in squad or clash squad, Olivia can be useful for squad.

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4. Miguel
Miguel is one of the beginner character of free fire. He has a passive skill that is useful because it gives 80 EP for each kill at max level. Miguel’s crazy slayer ability is a passive skill that’s why it can be used with any active skill character. And if you want fast EP conversion you can use K and A124 for fast EP conversion.


5. Alvaro
Alvaro also has amazing and useful ability. Also, it is a passive ability. Alvaro’s ability name is “Art of Demolition” and it increases damage by 16℅ and damage range by 10℅ of explosive weapons on max level. This character is useful for those who like to use the launcher, hand cannon, and grenades in the game. Because this ability increases the damage and also damage range. That’s why enemy will get more damage. Because of more damage range, the possibility of giving damage is also increased.

6. Wolfrahh
Wolfrahh has a passive skill that is “Limelight”, which decrease damage taken from headshot by 5% to 30℅ with every additional observer or kill. Also, damage to the enemy’s limb increase by 5% up to 30% at max level. This ability can be helpful if you got a headshot. It could be the saviour for you, also you can give additional damage to the enemy. That’s why this character is effective players.

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