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Clash Squad is a different mode in the free fire. In which there are groups of 4-4 players. There is a small part of the map to fitting. There are total 7 rounds. The team that wins the first 4 matches becomes the winner.

Some characters in CS can be very useful because of their specific ability. Now we are going to talk about this.

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Our first useful character in CS is Clu. Clu has active skill but hardly players use this character.
But this character can be an amazing character for CS. Because of their specific ability.
This character can locate the position of enemies within 75m, who are not in prone or squad position at level -6.
This effect lasts for 7.5s and the cooldown time is 60m. Also at level -4, enemies position are shared with teammates.

This character is really useful for CS because there is already a small circle. For this reason, the chances of enemies being inside the 75m circle increases.

And if you already know, where the enemies are hiding. It will be even easier for you to kill enemies.
This is the most underrated character in free fire, that you can best use in clash squad.

2. Shirou                                               Shirou is second on our list because of his unique ability. The ability name of Shirou is Damage Delivered.
The ability is when user is hit by the enemy within 80m, attacker will be marked for 6s( Marking only visible to user). The first shot on marked enemies has 100% additional armour penetration and cooldown time is 20s at level-6.

This ability can be helpful because, when a user hit by enemy within 80m then the enemy will be marked. After this, once the enemy is marked, it will be easier for a user to target the enemy.
And second benefit of this ability is that the first shot on marked enemy will be 100℅ additional armor penetration.

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3. Skyler
Skyler has active skill whose name is Riptide Rhyme.
Skyler also can be a fantastic character for clash squad. Because his ability destroys gloo walls, also players can recover their HP by deploying gloo walls.
Skyler ability at level -6, once player active the skill, it can destroy 5 gloo walls within 100m. Cooldown time is 40s. Also each gloo wall deployed will result in increasing HP recovery beginning from 9 points on each gloo wall. The recovery effect does not stack.

4. Kapella
Kapella also an underrated character of free fire but also useful for players. Her ability increases effects of healing items by 10℅.and healing skills by 10%. Also reduce ally HP loss when downed by 20%. Effects do not stack.
It means when you use any healing item like Med Kit or hear you will get 10% extra HP.
Example – Norman use of medkit gives 75HP

Med Kit used with kapella character gives 83HP.

Same as healing ability items also increase effect of healing skill by 10%.
It means when you use any character with healing ability like Alok, K or Jota. You will get an extra 10% HP.

Example- Alok at level-6 gives 50HP.

Alok at level-6 with Kapella character (level-6) gives 55HP.
The third benefit of this character is it reduces ally HP loss when downed by 20℅. Effect do not stack.

5. Kla
Kla is a popular character especially for CS, because in the first round players only can purchase M500 and G18. And these have less damage.
That’s why players prefer fist with kla to give damage.
Kla at leave -6 gives 400% more damage.

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6. Wukong
After this recent OB28 update Garena make changes in Wukon’s ability. And now Wukong is one of the favourite character of free fire players.
Wukong ability at level-6, when players activate the active skill if wukong. He transforms into a bush for 15s. and the cooldown time is 200s. But main twist in the ability is, cooldown time is resets when Wukong takes down an enemy. Transformation stops when Wukong attacks.
This is the main speciality of Wukong’s skill.
Once the character becomes a bush, then no one can able to give damage.
But bush still able to aim an enemy. The player can easily aim at players head and able to down enemy with a headshot.
After down the enemy cooldown time is reset and the player can use this ability again.