Free Fire Elite Pass – Season 34 ( March ) Revealed

Free Fire Season 34 Elite Pass

Free fire recently release a new Elite Pass Fuji Folklore. Garena’s new few elite passes have been leaked – as they release every month. Garena usually made 2 elite pass seasons in advance. This is the reason why we already get news about the March pass at the start of February.
In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about free fire season 34 elite pass.

Season 34 Elite Pass
The theme of season 34 elite pass is Magic. And the ongoing elite pass theme is Fuji Folklore. Season 34 pass will release in the early March. Usually, the pre-order for the elite pass would start 2 days before release. Players can buy it in 1200 diamonds. People who pre-order the pass would get exclusive rewards.

Elite Pass Season 34 Trailer

Elite Pass Theme
The upcoming elite pass would be based on a magic theme. The main colours used in all items are blue and black. And the main items used are red Roses, table clock, rabbit and cards

Here are highlight items for free

5 Badges – Avatar and Banner
Players can unlock avatar and banner in 5 badges, it’s look attractive.

40 Badges – Male Jacket
Male jacket can be unlocked right away after 40 badges. It looks fairly good, in blue colour. Rabbit is printed on the back of the jacket with a clock.

Free Pass Male Jacket

100 Badges – Male T-shirt
Male T-shirt can be unlocked after 100 badges. T-shirt colour is blue and black. This colour combination looks pretty cool.

150 Badges – Banner
Second banner will unlock after 150 badges.

200 Badges – Backpack
Backpack unlock after 200 badges, with some blue and black colour combination.

Free Pass Backpack

Elite Pass Items Highlights

0 Badge – Pick up Truck skin
Pickup truck skin unlocks on 0 badge. This skin is colourful with many prints.

Elite Pass Pickup Truck Skin

10 Badges – Bat skin
Bat skin unlock after 10 badges.

15 Badges -Female Jacket
Female jacket unlock after 15 badges. This jacket is blue with rabbit print on the back.

Elite Pass Female Jacket

50 Badges – Female Bundle
Female bundle unlock after 50 badges. This is realistic with lots of red roses. Players surely love it. This costume also has a different type of hat.

Credits – ff detainer
Credits – ffdataminer

80 Badges – M1873 Skin
M1873 skin unlock after 80 badges.

Elite Pass M1873 Skin

100 Badges – Surfbord
Surfboard unlocks after 100 badges. It looks attractive. This surfboard also has animation. Players will love it.

Elite Pass Surfboardard

115 Badges – Banner
Next banner unlock after 115 badges.

125 Badges – Grenade Skin
A grenade skin unlock after 125 badges. This grenade skin looking cute, here a rabbit holding a table clock.

Elite Pass Grenade Skin

150 Badges – Loot Box
Loot Box unlock after 150 badges. Loot box made with a Black big hat, table clock and with deck of cards. Here is a little animation of butterflies.

Elite Pass Loot Box

200 Badges – Backpack
Backpack unlock after 200 badges, this backpack is looking like a big book and here is blue mushrooms on it. Also, have a blue animation on top.

Elite Pass Backpack

225 Badges – Male Bundle
The main item of this elite pass is Male Bundle that is unlocked after 225 badges. This male bundle created like magician dress. This bundle has a big Black hat, blue and black overcoat and black pants. The bundle decorated with red roses, cards and golden petals.

Credits – ffdataminer
Season 34 all items

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